Please be advised, all LSVA members will be required to obtain an official numerical rating via Evaluation Clinic by January 1st, 2021. Every member who has not attended an Evaluation Clinic to receive a numerical rating should therefore make a priority of coming to an Evaluation Clinic during the Winter 2019-2020, Summer 2020, and Winter 2020-2021 Open Play seasons. On January 1st, 2021, all LSVA members who do not have a numerical rating will have their Division Level changed to a Preliminary Rating and will not be able to register for a subsequent league season until after having attended an Evaluation Clinic.

[added 9/23/2019]

The Power+ Preliminary Rating will be exempt from this rule, as described below

[added 12/9/2019]

Evaluation Policy Overview

You do not need a rating to play in LSVA's Recreational or Masters Divisions. Additional requirements for Masters Division are posted on the division's respective event registration pages.

All new players who wish to play in the Competitive, Advanced, or Power divisions shall be given a Preliminary Rating by any member of the Skills & Development Committee. Preliminary Ratings are Competitive, Advanced, Power, and Power+. Preliminary Ratings are not permanent; they may be changed at any time by the Skills & Development Committee. Players must have either a Preliminary Rating of Power+ or a Numerical Rating to register for an Indoor League Season. Numerical Ratings are given at Evaluation Clinics and permanently overrule Preliminary Ratings; division placement per Numerical Ratings are as follows:

Numerical Ratings are on a 12-point scale with rounding to the second decimal

    0-4.49 = Recreational Division

    4.5-7.49 = Competitive Division

    7.5-10.49 = Advanced Division

    10.5-12.00 = Power Division

        A Preliminary Rating of Power+ allows an individual to register for league play seasons with no Numerical Rating

          Evaluation Process

          In order to rate to the Competitive, Advanced, or Power divisions, players must pass a simple, open-book knowledge exam at the start of the Evaluation Clinic. Knowledge requirements for each division are posted in the Evaluation Guidelines.

          Players may only attend an Advanced/Power clinic if they have a Preliminary Rating of Advanced or Power or they have a current Numerical Rating of 7.4 or above. If a player scores above a 7.5 in a Recreational/Competitive clinic, they must then attend an Advanced/Power clinic. If a player scores 7.5 or above in a Recreational/Competitive clinic and does not attend an Advanced/Power clinic, they will retain their Numerical Rating but their Division placement will not change.

          Players wishing to rate to our Competitive Division will be rated on Passing, defense, highest score of Setting, Hitting, or blocking, team play, and Serve Bonus* divided by four.

          Players being evaluated to play in the Advanced or Power Divisions will need to designate a position to be rated to. Rated areas for each Position Designation will differ as follows:

          • Outsides: passing, defense, hitting or blocking, team play, serve bonus; no setting
          • Middles: blocking, hitting, team play, defense, serve bonusno passing or setting
          • Liberos: Passing, defense, out-of-system setting (bump/back-row), team play, serve bonus; no blocking or hitting
          • Setter: Setting, passing or blocking, team play, defense, serve bonus; no hitting

          More information is available in our

          Evaluation Guidelines

          New Evaluations

          To play in LSVA's Competitive, Advanced, or Power Divisions, Members of LSVA are required to obtain a Numerical Rating by attending an Evaluation Clinic unless they have a Preliminary Rating of Power+. At an Evaluation Clinic, members will be evaluated by the Skills and Development Committee and assigned a numerical rating. A member's rating will determine which division the member will play in. The Evaluation Guidelines are the same for new and current members.

          • Members who receive a Preliminary Rating of Power+ may register for the league season without obtaining an Numerical Rating. The rating of Power+ is reserved for players who are obviously well above the threshold for the division. As with all Preliminary Ratings, it may be changed at any time. Any member who has played in a respectively sanctioned tournament with a rating of NAGVA A or USAV BB can expect to receive a LSVA Preliminary Rating of Power+. If they do not want this rating, they may elect to receive a Numerical Rating at an Evaluation Clinic [added 12/9/2019].


          At any time, current members may request to be evaluated and receive a new rating by registering and attending an Evaluation Clinic. Members may only attend an Advanced/Power Evaluation Clinic if they are grandfathered in or have a Preliminary Rating in the Advanced or Power divisions, or if their rating is 7.4 or above [amended 11/11/2019]. While a member's rating may change immediately during an open play season, no member's rating may change during a Spring or Fall league season. 

          • Current LSVA members not already in the Power division who are uprated in NAGVA to BB or higher will keep their current LSVA rating but will be allowed to play in Power Division for the upcoming or remaining Open Play season. They will be required to attend an Evaluation Clinic before the subsequent League Play season [amended 9/23/2019].

          Mandatory Evaluations

          At the end of every league season, the Skills and Development Committee will solicit that season's captains for information on players who the captains feel are not playing at level for their division. The Committee will examine every member produced by the captains on an individual basis and will determine if that member will be required to attend an Evaluation Clinic. The Committee will make their decision based on several factors that include, but are not limited to, the last time that member was evaluated, the member's draft performance, and possibly observation of the member by the Committee during open play. Members that are selected for evaluation will not be allowed to register for league seasons until they have completed an evaluation.

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