• What is the draft and division format? See the Draft Policy below
  • What are the costs and registration dates? Early bird registration is $75 and regular registration is $90. Early bird runs from 8/14 through 8/28. September 4th is the absolute last day to register, though we foresee a waitlist being enacted before then, so register early. 
  • What nights will I play? Masters and Recreational will play Sundays. Power, Advanced and the Comp+Intermediate Leagues will play on Mondays at 8:00 PM
  • How many teams per division? We are capping teams to 6 per division. This means that spots will likely fill up. Due to scheduling and logistics, we do not intend going beyond 6 teams of 7 so it's important to sign up early.
  • Can I do Masters and another League? Our goal is to optimize towards everyone having the chance to play in at least one League. To that point, for those signing up for Masters, you will be asked to wait until the end of registration before singing up for another Division. If there are not spots open, we still believe that signing up as a sub will provide ample playing time alongside the Masters League.
  • What about Sunday BYOT (bring your own team) Open Play? We will utilize 2 extra courts for up to 6 BYOT teams to play on a first come first serve basis each week. This decision is based on feedback from the League for there to be more opportunities for players across LSVA to play together. More information on this registration process will be revealed closer to the beginning of the season.
  • Should I register? With the inclusion of a single-day tournament and the capping of teams this season, we strongly urge all players to consider whether they can commit consistently to a team throughout the season. The League works best when teams are able to consistently play together and all players are able to make the tournament. If you foresee more than a few conflicts or know that you cannot make the end of season tournament, we request that you consider signing up as a sub and partaking in the Sunday open play to ensure a spot is reserved for people looking to play with a team consistently throughout the season. 
  • So the EOS (end of season) tournament is changing? Yes! We are introducing a single-day tournament on Saturday, December 3rd starting at 10:00 AM. It's super important that all players confirm their availability before singing up. The Board intends to strictly enforce a no-substitution policy outside of extenuating circumstances (i.e. a player simply not being able to make it is not a valid excuse for a sub).
  • What are the 2 Open Play days? Due to the Dallas tournament the weekend of October 8th and the week before Thanksgiving, we will have 2 non-League play Open Plays on the schedule. Like always, there will be 10 weeks of actual play before the tournament.
  • What if I want to be uprated before? Please go ahead and sign up for your division that you are currently in to reserve a spot and then email president@lonestarvolleyball.org so that we can work with the Director of Competition to get a rating ASAP. 
  • What are the dates again? See below for the full calendar.
  • Have more questions? Please contact president@lonestarvolleyball.org 

Draft Policy

    • Power Division (Monday):  Bring your own team.  ALL members of your team must be registered before the team is officially recorded.  If you are a member of Power looking to join a team, please contact president@lonestarvolleyball.org.  Your team must have at least 7 players on it.  All teams must be reported to president@lonestarvolleyball.org.
    • Advanced Division (Monday):  Advanced will utilize a core 4 draft whereby a team may assemble after the core 4 have registered and alerted president@lonestarvolleyball.org that they wish to form a team with a single player designated as Captain.  The remaining 3 members of the team will be drafted from available Advanced players.  You may not choose more than 4 players to start a team.  If there are an uneven number of teams established, the Board reserves the right to create a core 4 free agent team.  If you do not have a team, do not worry.  All advanced players will be placed on an Advanced team.  The drafting of the additional 3 players per team will take place virtually.
    • Intermediate and Competitive Divisions (Monday):  Full draft and both divisions will be mostly combined.  There may be instances where Intermediate players are pulled up.  Captains will partake in a virtual draft at a date to be announced.
    • Masters (Sunday): There must be a minimum of 14 players signed up to ensure a court is saved for Masters League with a maximum of 21 players (3 teams total). Teams will be decided based on personnel 
    • Recreational Division:  Recreational will play Open Play on Sunday nights at 8:00 PM - 10:00PM.
ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY.  For Power and Advanced, a team is not considered complete until all members have paid for registration by the deadline of September 4th.

Register For League

No events yet! Stay up to date on our Facebook page or check back to see when League Registration will open!

League Substitutes:

If you have been picked up by a team to sub during the League season and need to pay your Sub Fee, please select the corresponding day below and register for the day.  At the gym, please show your confirmation QR code to the Division Officer.  If you are available to sub, please post on our Facebook group and a captain may contact you if they need a player.

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