Fall League Schedule & Rules

September 16, 2017 3:34 PM | Deleted user

League Schedule is below

Fall 2017 League.pdf

League Rules:

2015_17DCRindoor.pdf *

*no pursuit, all net touches and complete encroachments will be whistled.

SUBS - If you have a sub, make sure they are rated for your division or lower. If they are not rated for LSVA, please get with me to discuss. (You can check in the player directory to check yourself)

**There is a sub event created for Sunday where any subs may register and pay. You can also search for them in the directory or check the Sub postings in The 411.

Captains are responsible for their subs paying. Until further notice, have your subs to check in with Shawn or me when they arrive. The down refs will be verifying correct subs. If a team plays with a sub that did not pay or was from an improper division, your match will be disqualified. We don't want this to happen, so please reach out to a board member or division representative and ask if you have questions.

Referees - the skills and development committee will be working on ref training and vetting, but in the meantime the board has heard everyone's complaints regarding the refs. To help deal with this in the short term, we need every captain (except A) to designate who may ref for each team. You will need at least 2 people, but you may designate more. 

All designated refs will meet during the captains meeting on September 17th. A Division will be self-reffing until further notice. 

**C & D Captains and Refs Meeting will be at 6:00pm.**

**A & B Captains and Refs Meeting will be at 7:30pm.**

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