New Member FAQ

How do I join LSVA?

The first step to join is to create an account. New members are automatically unrated, which just means we are unsure of your skill level and can't give you a rating yet. You can create your account here. Once you have an account, check out our Play With LSVA page to see what season we're in; if we're in Open Play season, feel free to come out and meet us! If we're in our League Play season, teams are set for the season but please check back!

What is a rating or division?

LSVA members currently play in one of four divisions: Power, Advanced, Competitive, & Recreational. When a new member joins, they may either play in our Recreational Division which require no rating, or they may request a Preliminary Rating to play in an upper division. Preliminary Ratings are Competitive, Advanced, Power, or Power+. In order to play in a League Season in Competitive, Advanced, or Power, you must have a Preliminary Rating of Power+ or a Numerical rating. Numerical Ratings are given at Evaluation clinics and permanently replace both Preliminary Ratings and old Numerical Ratings. Curious as to how we evaluate members? Check out our Evaluation Guidelines.

What is play format?

LSVA essentially has four seasons: Summer and Winter Open Play, and Fall and Spring League. Open play is a pick-up game format; people show up, we randomly pick teams (based on division), and play. League is an assigned-team format. Normally, members sign up for the league in advance and are then drafted onto teams (based on division), but we do occasionally allow a core or bring-your-own team format. Our league seasons last about 12 weeks: 10 weeks of play and 2 weeks of tournament.  

When and where do we play?

We play on almost every Monday from 6:00 pm - 10:00pm at The Zone Sportsplex. No, not the entire time. We have two 2-hour sessions, divided by division. You can check our play schedule by checking the registrations on the Play tab. Please arrive early to warm up, as play starts right on time.

Where do my fees go?

LSVA is a nonprofit corporation managed by a volunteer board directors elected by the membership with Division Officers and several Committees. Dues mainly pay for the facility, but also pay for equipment, t-shirts, events, etc. As a nonprofit, LSVA strives to maintain a transparent relationship with its members. Inspection of our books and records is proudly shared at any member's request; most information is readily available on the Board tab (must be logged in as a paid member).

If you have any other questions please feel free to email or message our Facebook Page!

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We strive to promote and develop a community for all that love the sport of volleyball in the Houston, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community.


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