Elections for the 2020-2021 Volleyball Season (June - May) are currently underway and close Friday, May 28th!


Below, you will find the positions up for election, including President, Treasurer, Member at Large (2), Director of Registration. All roles, aside from Member at Large, are 2-year terms. You must be an active member to vote (having paid the $5 membership fee for the 2010-2020 season).

If you have any questions or issues, email  Secretary@LoneStarVolleyball.org . More information on the new positions can be found HERE. Below the candidates is a membership directory if you need more information about a particular candidate.

Board of Director Elections



May be a closeup of Gabriel Byberg, beard and indoor

 I’ll begin by first acknowledging just how special this organization is within the Houston LGBTQ+ community as well its integral position within my life.  Showing up on Sundays for the past 3-years has been a pleasure, an escape, and oftentimes, in the chaos of life, the highlight of my week.

Our organization, like the lives of everyone this past year, did not go unscathed due to the COVID pandemic.  Yet, as we begin the process of societal recovery, I see a unique opportunity for leadership within the organization to help us not return to status quo, but rather elevate our league to heights not seen by focusing on consistency, access to play, development, and equity and fairness among all players and all divisions. 

After a year off the courts, it would be easy to be satisfied with starting league and moving into our normal rhythm while all of the systemic issues we face continue to be pushed down the road, but I want more for myself, the amazing friends that I play with regularly, and for those future league players who will eventually come across our path. 

My platform highlights:

  • Ensure long-term access to courts via favorable contractual terms to allow for frequent play in good facilities without having to wait on others to finish
  • Decouple the rating system from internal evaluation and, instead, leverage local coaches and experts to objectively rate for each division on a bi-monthly basis. The number one touchy subject in LSVA is ratings and the fairness of the process.  I think so much of this could be mitigated by taking the personalities and strategy out of it and just letting skill be judged by those who do it professionally.  I would rather pay a cost and have the process done with integrity than have volunteers with continuous push back on the system’s efficacy.
  • Competitive Division is not a kitchen sink for leftover players to find themselves.  It is a division with a defined skill set (like the others) that should not have to play with players outside of a certain spectrum of ability.
  • We want to recruit new and recreational players, but if there is no system to allow them their own division or skill development, it does everyone a disservice. Like Dallas, I want actual professional instruction for skill development and am willing to budget for it.  At no time should you feel that you need to be uprated to enjoy LSVA, but I want to give the option of developing skills and I want people to be placed in a division that matches skill.
  • Miss LSVA will occur within 3 months of my tenure as well as a “Britney Ball” fundraiser to help strengthen our finances.
  • More input on league shirt design and more, high-quality clothing products both for league but also for purchase throughout the year
  •  An Austin/Dallas/Houston invitational tournament to build on our relationship with our Texas neighbors



I'm running for LSVA treasurer & would love your vote. I've served as MAL & VP, filled in as Treasurer & Secretary, Chaired the Skills & Development, Membership, Pride, Bylaws, and Events committees, and sat on the Finance committee. I do QB accounting & know how the LSVA systems work. I have a track record of holding Board members accountable & getting shit done. I want to hold fundraisers (like another car wash) to build cash for more free stuff for our members (events, swag, & discounts on dues). LSVA is a great organization and I'd love to continue helping out.


Director of Registration


May be an image of Canion BoydI have been a member with LSVA for about 6 years now.  I have found it a wonderful organization that has brought a lot of joy and friendships into my life.  Now, I feel it is my time to give back and serve this organization with the talents I can bring to the table.  What I have found LSVA missing as of late is a since of consistency and organization.  We have had a lot of change in the past couple of years, and I believe my training in small business management can help optimize the organization into a well organized and well governed social organization.  I can also help bring the voices of our membership to the table in a way that they will be truly heard.  The life of LSVA is in its members, and those member’s concerns need to be heard and validated by the Board.  Without that, we cannot grow and thrive.  

Member at Large (2 positions)