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LSVA Bylaws:

5.3.4. Treasurer

The Treasurer is in charge of collecting and disbursing funds for the Corporation and will ensure that appropriate financial books and records are kept. The Treasurer will present an accounting to the Board of Directors at Regular Meetings and to the Membership at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer will be responsible for the timely filings of all documentation required by the State and the Internal Revenue Service to maintain the Corporation’s nonprofit tax status. The Treasurer will chair the Budget & Auditing Committee, nominate the Auditor, and will undertake such tasks as delegated by the President or the Board of Directors.

Ken's Money Handling Policy

LSVA Annual Budget (LSVA is exempt from reports per State of Texas Business Organizations Code Title 2, Chapter 22, Subchapter H, Section 22.355.)


LSVA Discounts:

All elected Officers and Directors of the organization are entitled to fully waived fees for LSVA's once weekly indoor open play and once weekly league play if their yearly membership fee has been paid. 

LSVA Treasurer

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We strive to promote and develop a community for all that love the sport of volleyball in the greater Houston area, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community.

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