LSVA hosts Open Play throughout the year in various formats. Primarily, while not in League Play, we offer both Sunday and Monday night sessions starting at 8:00 PM going until 10:00 PM. The night/session you play on depends upon your Division placement. Whilst League Play is in session, we offer limited courts for Open Play on Sunday nights only. To see when your Division is scheduled, check out the official LSVA calendar here, or click your division registration link above.

Not sure what your Division placement is?

If it is your first time playing with LSVA or you do not have a player profile, click here to register your profile. To be placed in a Division, you must be officially rated during our monthly ratings clinic taking place on the last Sunday of every month. We are also happy to offer spot ratings for players in between these official clinics, but your spot rating is only good for a limited period of time. All players in LSVA MUST have an active Divisional rating. 

Want to register for an upcoming ratings clinic? Click here or email on how to get a spot rating. 

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We strive to promote and develop a community for all that love the sport of volleyball in the greater Houston area, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community.

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